From the Richmond Times, 12/13/1900, p. 8, c. 5


Commissioner Massie’s Office,
corner Eleventh and Bank Streets,
Richmond, Va., Dec. 12, 1900.

John J. Hall and Annie Randolph Hall, his wife......Plaintiffs,
John Van Lew and others............................................Defendants.


To all Parties Interested:

By a decree pronounced in the above-named suit on the 19th day of December, 1900, by the Chancery Court of Richmond city, it was adjudged, ordered and decreed that “this cause be referred to one of the commissioners of this court, who is directed to inquire and report to the court –

“**** 3. What are the debts and demands against the estate of the said E. L. Van Lew, deceased, to whom the same are due, and the priorities among said debts, ***

“But before executing the third of the above inquiries the said commissioner shall give notice of the time and place thereof by publishing such notice once a week for four successive weeks in some newspaper published in the city of Richmond, which publication shall be equivalent to personal service of such notice on all parties in interest.”

TAKE NOTICE that I shall proceed, at my office, on the 15th DAY OF JANUARY, 1901, at the hour of 11 A. M., to execute said decree, when and where you may attend if you think proper to do so.

Very respectfully,

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