From the Richmond Times, 10/7/1900, p. 12, c. 5

Mr. Reynolds Qualified as Executor Yesterday.

Mr. John Philips Reynolds, of Boston, qualified in the Chancery Court yesterday as executor of the will of the late Miss Elizabeth Van Lew. The United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company went on his bond as surety.

Mr. Reynolds left for Boston yesterday. He will have shipped to him all of Miss Van Lew’s private papers, which were personally left to him. Mr. Reynolds has spent some time in going over those papers and he finds much interesting material in them. Propositions have been made to him for the publication of the papers, but none of them have been accepted.

As yet nothing has been determined with reference to the disposition of the Van Lew home. This property will not be hastily disposed of. Those interested will use their best endeavors to make it bring as large a price as possible.

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