From the Richmond Times, 10/5/1900, p. 7, c. 4

No One Qualified as Executor of Her Will.

There has been no qualification as yet under the will of the late Miss Elizabeth Van Lew. Mr. John T. Goddin, who was named as executor, has declined to act, on the ground that it would be utterly impossible for him to give the time to the proper settlement of the affairs of the estate.

Mr. Reynolds, of Boston, who was named as co-executor, is expected to qualify to-day.

He is one of the wealthiest men in the New England metropolis and has large business interests. He comes here at great inconvenience to himself.

Every possible effort will be made to keep the Van Lew property intact. A movement is on foot which may result in the purchase of it for a hospital, at which all the Church Hill physicians will be allowed to practice. The people of that end of the city have long desired to have a hospital established in their midst.

It is thought the property will be very quickly sold. All the heirs are anxious that the estate be settled with as little delay as possible.

In the even that Mr. Reynolds, after his arrival, does not care to qualify, the court will have to appoint an administrator.

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