From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/10/1917, p. 9, c. 6

Taking on Men in Shell Department of Big Local Iron Works.

Operations in the shell department of the Tredegar Iron Works will be resumed this week, according to reliable authority. Workmen are being hired, but not in the numbers employed until two weeks ago, when the plant shut down temporarily on the expiration of contracts for munitions for European governments. Old employees of the company are being given the preference.

The Tredegar Iron Works is one of the oldest plants for the manufacture of munitions in the country. This concern did much of the work for the Confederate government, and frequently receives big contracts for the United States government. As no foreign orders are being given in this country, it is probable that the plant will start on government orders again.

The plant is a union shop, and will resume on the eight-hour basis. A conference recently between union and company officials fixed a new wage scale, which will not take overtime into consideration, although the flat rate was increased by more than 10 per cent.

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