From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/30/1907, p. 3, c. 3

Tredegar Company May Build Considerable Addition – City Now Owns Fair Grounds.

Among the real estate auction sales announced for this week is one that is to take place at noon next Saturday. Just as the groundhog will be deciding the momentous question as to whether he will stay out of his hole or retire for another forty days, Messrs. H. Seldon Taylor & Co. will sell at the Henrico Courthouse door several lots of land situated in Henrico county along the line of the Richmond , Fredericksburg and Potomac Railway. The land, which may be that out of which the groundhog will come, will be sold in small farm lots, and the sale affords truckers a good opportunity.

The Tredegar Company has closed a deal for the 400 feet of land lying on the canal and river front and between its property and that of the Albemarle Paper Company. The price paid was $10,000, although the deed which was recorded yesterday names only a nominal sum. Just what use the Tredegar people propose to put this ground has not been divulged, but it has been understood for some time that they were in need of more space for certain enlargements of their business that have been long contemplated.

The deeds to the city giving it undisputed possession of the new Fair Grounds were put to record yesterday.

It required several deeds to make the transfer complete. One of them conveyed from Winfield Scott and wife to the city a plat of forty acres of land on the west side of the Hermitage Road for $12,865; a second, from Goold, Hoy and other, heirs of Camilla S. Hoyt, a thirty-four-acre tract for $17,301.50; a third deal is from Matthew Gimour, conveying nine acres for $4,904.

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