From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/13/1903, p. 1, c. 6


It is not at all certain that the equestrian statue of General J. E. B. Stuart will be erected in the Capitol Square and that the $10,000 appropriated by the State used.

A disposition has developed among certain influential members of the Council to give not less than $20,000 for the erection of the monument, provided it is not put in the Capitol Square. This will go the State a ten thousand better, and will be more than the Veteran Cavalry Association can stand in the way of a temptation. A member of the association says they are not obligated to the State to accept the offer unless they think wise and it would not, in his opinion, be wise to turn down $20,000 for half that sum. Richmond people, while much better disposed towards the Capitol Square than the rest of Virginia is towards the streets and parks of Richmond for monument sites, are not specially partial to the Square, and they would far rather see Stuart’s statue adorning one of their own parks rather than the general park of the State. It is understood that in a few weeks the matter of the Council’s making this large appropriation will be pushed to the limit in that body.

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