From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/19/1903, p. 1, c. 6

Site Selected South of the Capitol Building and Overlooking Custom House.

At the meeting on Tuesday night of the Finance Committee of the Senate and House, with the committee of the Stuart Monument Association, it was understood that the exact location of the site in the Capitol Square for the monument to General Stuart should be determined by the Governor, Register of the Land Office, who, by virtue of his office, had charge of the public grounds and buildings, and the committee of the Stuart Monument Association.

Accordingly Governor Montague and Colonel Richardson, Register of the Land Office, on the part of the State, and General Fitzhugh Lee, Major A. R. Venable, Captain Marion J. Dimmock, Mr. Joseph Bryan and Mr. Joseph W. Thomas assembled at the Capitol yesterday morning and, after looking over the ground, determined to recommend that the center of the Stuart equestrian statue be placed upon the ground covered by the intersection of Franklin Street, extended, with a line extending north and south through the center of the Capitol building, and that a space not exceeding fifty feet radius from the center be dedicated for the site.

This will place the statue about 150 feet from the southern side of the Capitol, and upon the knoll overlooking the Custom House. It is a very commanding situation, and with some terracing can be made an ideal location for the statue.

The gentlemen who examined the ground were unanimous in the choice of the site.

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