From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/27/1903, p. 8, c. 6

Veteran Cavalry Association Holds Interesting Meeting and Feels Encouraged.

The Veteran Cavalry Association, which is raising money for the erection of a monument to General J. E. B. Stuart, has reason to feel greatly encouraged. Friends are springing up in every section of the country contributors not being confined to Virginia by any means.

The Executive Committee met last night at Lee Camp Hall and the progress of the movement was discussed. Those present were Chairman M. J. Dimmock, Secretary W. Ben. Palmer, Treasurer E. A. Catlin and Messrs. Chas. T. O’Ferrall, Jos. W. Thomas, Vass and Montague.

Secretary Palmer read a letter from Mr. Philemon Chaw, of St. Louis, stating that besides enclosing this check for $25, would find others there who were Confederate veterans and who would be glad send contributions.

Mr. Thos. D. Ranson, of Staunton, has written Mr. Palmer a letter, stating that he has collected in Staunton $181, which he will turn over to the Association.

Captain Dimmock reported that nothing definite had been done regarding the site for the monument, as he had been unable to get the committee together to go to see Col. Cutshaw. Regarding the help expected from the ladies, Captain Dimmock said they would take the matter up just as soon as they had finished with the bazaar for the Jefferson Davis monument.

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