From the Richmond News Leader, 9/7/1944, p. 3, c. 5

Police Continue Investigation In Krengel Case

Police today continued to press investigation of the murder of John Ernest Krengel, 69-year-old pattern-maker at the Tredegar Iron Works, whose body, bludgeoned and shot, was found yesterday stuffed between shelves on the second floor of the pattern building at the plant.

Detective Chief O. D. Garton said he has assigned three men to run down every clue in an effort to find the slayer of Mr. Krengel. The slain man is widely remembered as the maker of the miniature railroad that was operated years ago at the amusement park at Forest Hill.

The pattern-maker’s body was found early yesterday after an all-night search. He was robbed, according to the police report, of between $2,000 and $3,000, which his wife said he usually carried on his person.

Chief Garton said today that the only other unsolved murder case in Richmond during the past five years was the slaying of Police Officer J. A. Tibbs, who was killed in October, 1940, when he attempted to capture burglars who were trying to break into a West Broad Street clothing store.

Chief Garton said Mr. Krengel had been beaten on the head with a blunt instrument and shot at the base of his brain. A .22-caliber bullet was found lodged in the pattern-maker’s brain but it is not yet known whether a rifle or pistol was used.

Mr. Krengel’s body was found shortly before 8 A. M. yesterday stuffed head first between two supply shelves and covered with a window facing so as to conceal it.

It is thought that Mr. Krengel was knocked unconscious on the first floor of the pattern building and his body carried to the second floor, where he was robbed. Chief Garton said he is of the opinion that the gun was held close to the base of the man’s skull when it was fired and the body was then stuffed between the shelves.

Mr. Krengel had been an employee of the iron works for more than 45 years and he made the entire miniature railroad which was operated for many years at the Forest Hill amusement park.

Funeral services were to be held at 3 P. M. today at the Joseph W. Bliley Funeral Home with burial in Riverview Cemetery.

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary A. Krengel; a stepson, Conrad Howle; a brother, Charles E. Krengel, and a sister, Mrs. L. W. Francis.

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