From the Richmond Times, 4/21/1865, p. 3, c. 3

REBUIILDING. – We learn that active preparations are being made by the Government to rebuild at an early day the Danville railroad and Mayo’s bridges across James river, and probably the Petersburg railroad bridge, all of which were destroyed by fire during the recent terrible conflagration. Already a neat and substantial bridge has been erected across the canal leading to Hunter’s Steel Works, and workmen are now engaged in clearing away the rubbish preparatory to putting up new buildings there.

It is also encouraging to notice that private enterprise is awake and contracts have already been made for the erection of business stands on several portions of Main street. At the corner of Main and Eighth street Captain Martin M. Lipscombe, master brick-layer, is busily engaged in erecting a spacious building, which he has contracted to put up for Mr. Brent, to be used as a store underneath and an art gallery above, while on the corner below, Messrs. Regnault, Maule & Beville propose erecting a large auction and commission house.

Let the work go on, and in a few months the city will prosper, and a large number of our worthy citizens, who have experienced great suffering in consequence of being thrown out of employment, will find plenty to do, whereby they can furnish food to their families and add gladness to their hearts.

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