From the Richmond Commercial Bulletin, 7/6/1865, p. 3, c. 3

THE UNION COMMISSION. The quiet, unostentatious manner in which this institution has dispensed its charities, has prevented out people from appreciating their magnitude. Many a hungry paroled Confederate has thanked them gratefully for a generous meal, and carried with him to his inland home valuable seeds, distributed by them, of which eight thousand packages have been given away to the needy. On Oregon Hill two flourishing free schools, one numbering one hundred girls, the other one hundred and thirty boys, have been established for the benefit of needy white children, and will aid many a little toiler up the hill of knowledge. Such are the deeds, such is the humane and Christian policy which will do a thousand times more than inflammatory and abusive harangues to win the great, generous heart of the South, and grapple it again to the Union with hooks of steel. All honor to Mr. Chase and his colleagues, who will be long remembered by many a grateful heart.

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