Philadelphia Photographer, voll ii; Phila.: Benerman & Wilson, No. 21 - September 1865, page 154

[Editor’s Table.]

VIEWS IN AND AROUND RICHMOND. - Messrs. Levy & Cohen, two enterprising young men of our city, have returned with their Globe lens from a trip to the Rebel capital. They have brought with them a series of very fine negatives, prints from which they have placed in our possession. They are mostly excellent photographs, and embrace all the points of historical interest in and about the city, such as “The Ruins of the Arsenal,” “Ruins of Petersburg Bridge,” “Drury’s Bluff,” “The Rockets,” “The Executive Mansion, with Gov. Pierpont and staff on the portico,” “Capitol Square,” “The Washington Monument,” “The Tomb of Monroe,” “The Burnt District,” and many other points of great interest. Those collecting mementoes of the war should not forget that these views are worthy of first place in their collection. Messrs. Levy & Cohen publish both carte and whole size of them. Their rooms are at Ninth and Filbert Streets, Philadelphia, where they are also prepared to print for the trade on advantageous terms.

They have our earnest desires for their success.

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