Jno. H. Parkhill CSR (M331), National Archives

Confederate States of America,
Richmond, Va, 19 Nov. 1864

Brig Genl W. M. Gardner
Comdg Post:


                  I respectfully call your attention to the fact that Turpin & Yarborough's Factory, cor of 25 & Franklin Sts rented for a Prison Hospital has been unoccupied since last July. At that time, notice of surrender was served upon the owner, but upon representation of Dr. Semple, that the building might be needed, it was retained. There are besides this building, four other large Factories, rented by the Gov. for Prison Hospitals, and every one of these, for a great part of the time, has been empty. I would recommend that Turpin & Yarborough's Factory be given up to the owners, & stricken off the rolls.

With great respect,
Your Obt Svt,

Jno. H. Parkhill
Maj. & Insp

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