From the Richmond Whig, 10/27/1874, p. 3, c. 6



Mr. Tanner, for the Committee on Public Grounds and Buildings, submitted a report recommending the purchase of several sites by the city for public parks.

On motion of Mr. Williams, the resolution appended to the report, referring to the purchase of Chimborazo, was amended so as to make the purchase of thirty-five acres, at a cost of $35,000. The report was laid upon the table and ordered to be printed. It is very lengthy, and the following is a brief synopsis of it:

[not transcribed]

…And that $25,000 of the 8 per cent. bonds of the city be appropriated for the purchase of 25 acres of land on Chimborazo Hill for a public park.

[remainder of article was not transcribed – MDG]

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