From the Richmond Whig, 2/24/1862, p. 3, c. 3

FIRE. - Sunday morning, about fifteen minutes post 12 o'clock, Mr. Julian Vannerson's photographic establishment, over the dry goods store of Messrs. Johnson & Harwood, No. 77 Main street, was discovered to be on fire in the reception room. The alarm was given, and the nearest firemen repaired to the spot with their apparatus as soon as it was possible for them to do so, without being guided by a glaring light, or otherwise to the locality of the fire. A stream of water was put on, however, in time to suppress the fire before much damage was done to the building; but it turned out that, though suppressed, it was not extinguished, for at 5 o'clock, A.M., the fire again broke out. The alarm was sounded, and the firemen returned to the building, succeeding, after much exertion, in putting out the fire, which had spread through the stud partitions to the top story, and done much damage. Mr. Vannerson's loss is about $200 - no insurance. The back room over the gallery was occupied by a Mr. Clark. All of his furniture was destroyed. The building was recently sold at auction. We did not hear the name of the purchaser. The origin of the fire is believed to have been accidental.

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