From the Richmond Daily Whig, 1861-04-27, p. 3

More Volunteers of the Right Stripe. - At a meeting of the employees of the "Tredegar Iron Works," of this city, held last week, a Battalion of four companies, of 90 men each, was organized, when the following officers were elected:

Company A. - F. S. Derbyshire, Captain; William H. Leach, 1st Lieut.; John H. Divine, 2d Lieut.; Evan Snead, 3d Lieut.; J. O. Murphy, 4th Lieut.

Company B. - Ro. S. Archer, Captain; Thos. S. Alvis, 1st Lieutenant; Benjamin C. Wherry, 2d Lieut.

Company C. - W. Prescott, Captain; W. H. Swank, 1st Lieut.; Alex Delaney, 2d Lieut.

Company D. - Wm. E. Tanner, Captain; E. R. Archer, 1st Lieut.; Jas. Sherry, 2d Lieut.

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