From the Richmond Sentinel, 12/17/1863, p. 1, c. 2

Crenshaw Woolen Mills. – The walls of this mill, seven stories in height, which have been left standing since the building was destroyed by fire some time last spring, fell in on Monday last. The workmen in the foundry and shops below received timely warning from the falling of a few bricks, and succeeded in making their escape before the fall of the entire structure, which crushed to atoms and utterly destroyed the foundry, (in which the workmen were engaged a few minutes before) as well as the forges and other fixtures contained therein. The large iron bridge connecting the ruins with the street fell with the walls. The mill site had recently been purchased by Messrs. J. R. Anderson & Co., who contemplated pulling down several of the stories by way of precaution. Their design has now been carried out in a way more speedy than acceptable.

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