From the Richmond Sentinel, 8/28/1863

The Slaves at Castle Thunder. – Some days ago we published a list of negroes confined in the Confederate prisons, who admitted they were slaves, and several gentlemen, seeing the list, have come forward and recovered their "property."

The following have been received at Castle Thunder since the publication of the former list:

Samuel Chinn, slave of C. Bronn.
Richard Poindexter, slave of Robert Goodman.
Jas. Sigal, slave of Benj. Temple.
Walter Wiley, slave of Dr. Harding.

As one of the negroes lately committed, and claiming to be free has been recognised by his master, we give a list of negroes received lately, who claim to be free, viz: John Anderson, John Phoenix, James Ashton, John Jones, Jim Bailey, Thos. Lemkens, and W. H. Washington.

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