From the Richmond Sentinel, 8/21/1863

Slaves Confined in Castle Thunder. - The officers in charge of Castle Thunder and the Libby prisons, have very courteously furnished us with the annexed list of slaves, the names of their owners, and, where it is known, their place of residence. As the information is derived from the negroes there may be mistakes in the names of their masters. Besides the following, there are a number of negroes confined in the Confederate prisons claiming to be free. We make this publication for the benefit of those citizens who have lost slaves:

[List of 70 slaves, male and female, young and old, not transcribed]

Slaves Confined in Libby Prison.

Charles Boswell, man, owned by Wm. Davis, Prince William county, Va.
Edmund, man, owned by John Saunderson, Norfolk.
George Hunter, man, owned by Mrs. Straum, Spotsylvania, Va.

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