From the Richmond Sentinel, 6/27/1863, p. 1, c. 2

When Gen. JACKSON was wounded, his cap and the gloves which he wore, were left on the field where his injuries were first examined. They were there found by a soldier of company G, 38th North Carolina regiment, PENDER'S brigade. His name is WM. D. H. COVINGTON, and he is now in Chimborazo Hospital. Mr. COVINGTON carefully preserved the interesting articles, and though offered large sums for them by those who wished to possess these momentoes of our great General, he was fixed in his purpose of delivering them to his family. Through the aid of his Surgeon, Dr. BOWEN, he has found the opportunity of sending the gloves. The cap is with Gen. PENDER.

We have seen the gloves. "T. J. JACKSON, Virginia," is printed neatly on the wrist of each. The course of the fatal ball that wounded the wearer, is seen on both. – The right-hand glove is cut by the ball just about the base of the thumb, but so near the edge as apparently just to have grazed the flesh. The left-hand glove was perforated on the wrist, near the top of the glove. The stain of the blood which flowed from the wound is still upon the glove. The ball, after entering the wrist, ran up the arm, rendering necessary its amputation above the elbow.

Mr. COVINGTON'S nice feelings and sense of honor in reference to these relics are much to be commended. Such a soldier is worthy to have such a General as JACKSON was.

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