From the Richmond Sentinel, 6/4/1863, p. 1, c. 6

Cemetery Depredations. – We have been requested again to call attention to the practice of females who visit the Cemeteries for the purpose of removing flower from the graves. In Hollywood, last week, two china vases, containing bouquets, were deposited upon a grave, and stolen almost as soon as left. We hear of plants being torn up by the roots, and every species of sacrilege perpetrated in this respect. At Shockoe Hill Cemetery, whole sections are swept of flowers, many of which, it is surmised, find their way to the markets and are there offered for sale. These practices are outrageous, and should not be celebrated in a civilized community. It is stated that the police will soon take the matter in hand, and arrest all persons seen coming from a Cemetery with flowers in their hands, without regard to sex. A few examples of this sort would undoubtedly have a beneficial effect.

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