From the Richmond Sentinel, 5/30/1863

[For the Sentinel]

Mr. Editor. - I see in the Sentinel, of the 28th, a piece, headed "The Sick Soldiers of Winder Hospital," by J. B. S. of the fourth division, stating that there has been much said of the ill-treatment of the sick and wounded, and the kind treatment of the matrons. This we are all ready to admit, and also the attention of our sympathetic surgeons. It is very true the sick may recover; but J. B. S. must be very delicate in his appetite, or the nourishment must be quite different from that of the third division, where we are - not sick, but only suffering from the effects of a dose of Abe's "pills;" and they have given us quite a relish for something in the line of bacon and bread. Sick men can afford to live on warm water and bread; but we desire that something more nourishing be provided for us in this division. We have one of the best matrons; but that matters but little with a hungry man, unless he is provided with something more than kindness and attentive visits, with empty dishes.

Let those of us go home on furlough who are able to go, and fulfill the old saying - he fewer, the better share. Sick soldiers may get plenty, but we would be glad if Mr. J. B. S. would send some of his ministering angels down here to us hearty fellows, and oblige


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