From the Richmond Examiner, 5/19/1864

OUR WOUNDED AT THE OFFICERS' HOSPITAL. - The following wounded have been admitted to the Baptist Institute, Tenth street, since our last report. The list is inclusive of admissions from the 15th up to yesterday at noon, and embraces the officers wounded in the battles on the Southside, as well as a number from General Lee's army - Captain W. B. Lanier, Sixty-first North Carolina; Lieutenant V. J. Kinchelow, Forty-ninth Virginia; Colonel C. C. Saunders, Fourth Georgia; Adjutant W. R. Freeman, Forty-fourth Georgia; Captain A. C. Frost, Fourth Georgia; Captain J. F. Sullivan, Fourth Georgia; Captain J. W. Williams, Fifth Alabama; Lieutenant J. J. Cook, Forty-fourth Georgia; Captain T. G. Lee, Fourth North Carolina; Lieutenant M. L. Bean, Fourth North Carolina; Captain J. Jones, Fourteenth North Carolina; Lieutenant C. W. Bevens, Fourteenth North Carolina; Lieutenant E. H. Jones, Twelfth Alabama; Captain C. A. Savage, Thirteenth Virginia; Lieutenant H. E. Sloaks, Second Florida; Lieutenant H. G. Fernandes, Eleventh Mississippi; Lieutenant P. W. Black, Eleventh Mississippi; Captain J. W. Bettenay, Forty-eighth North Carolina; Captain D. J. Deverie, Twentieth North Carolina; Lieutenant E. H. Russell, Thirty-seventh North Carolina; Lieutenant T. J. Crocker, Twenty-third North Carolina; Captain J. F. Breedlove, Twenty-fifth North Carolina; Captain John Goswick, Thirty-eighth Georgia; Captain M. Smith, Second North Carolina; Lieutenant J. A. Scales, Forty-fifth North Carolina; Lieutenant W. Klank, Twenty-sixth Georgia; Captain A. T. Pagnia, Tenth Louisiana; Lieutenant C. A. Paxton, Eighteenth Virginia; Lieutenant A. M. Long, Twenty-fourth North Carolina; Lieutenant A. V. Horton, Thirty-first North Carolina; Captain J. S. Lynn, Tenth Louisiana; Lieutenant Thomas Willis, Tenth Louisiana; Lieutenant J. N. Hill, Fifty-third North Carolina; Captain E. Webber, Tenth Louisiana; Lieutenant G. R. Wells, Thirty-eighth Georgia; Major W. P. Cooper, Thirty-first Virginia; Captain W. Davidson, First Virginia Cavalry; Lieutenant W. J. Taylor, Seventh South Carolina; Colonel B. T. Brockman, Thirteenth South Carolina; W. G. Stewart, Aid-de Camp to General's Staff; Captain W. A. Webber, Twenty-third Virginia; Captain J. B. Brown, Third North Carolina; Lieutenant J. O. Hobbs, Fifth Virginia; Colonel J. M. Hale, Fifth Alabama; Colonel J. N. Lightfoot, Sixth Alabama; Captain H. G. Bird, Fifteenth South Carolina; Lieutenant H. B. White, Twelfth South Carolina; Lieutenant J. E. Sullivan, Fourth Georgia; Lieutenant J. N. McNeill, Forty-fourth North Carolina; Captain D. L. Hudson, Thirty-seventh North Carolina; Captain James E. Berry, Thirty-seventh Virginia; Captain Thomas Rice, First Louisiana; Major D. L. Donald, Second South Carolina; Captain W. C. Wardlaw, second South Carolina; Captain J. B. Moore, Orr's South Carolina regiment; Lieutenant J. H. Caldwell, Twentieth North Carolina; Major W. Farris, Forty-eighth Virginia; Lieutenant J. B. Hanna, Eighth Alabama; Lieutenant G. M. Saline, Twenty-fifth South Carolina; Lieutenant C. R. Mellard, Sixty-third Tennessee; Captain T. J. Joyner, Twenty-fifth South Carolina; Lieutenant J. H. Berry, Thirty-first Virginia; Colonel Y. M. Moody, Captain P. B. Hoce(?), Assistant-Adjutant General, Colonel J. B. Jordan, Thirty-first North Carolina; Lieutenant A. C. Blake, Fifty-third Virginia; Major J. A. Hambrick, Captain L. P. Coleman, Forty-third North Carolina; Lieutenant J. B. White, Twenty-fourth Virginia; Lieutenant W. J. Sutherland, Fifty-first North Carolina; Captain L.W. Mauksby, Fifty-first North Carolina; Colonel V. A. Grone, Sixty-first Virginia; Lieutenant W. D. Wynn, Third Georgia; Lieutenant S. L. Eyler, Sixty-third Tennessee; Captain S. P. Carson, Fourth Georgia; Adjutant C. Hall, Fifty-ninth Alabama; Colonel R. Hall, Fifty-ninth Alabama; Lieutenant W. W. Stith, Eighteenth Virginia; Surgeon E. L. Howard, Lieutenant W. H. Beardon, Third Georgia; Lieutenant R. W. Staley, Thirty-seventh North Carolina.

But few deaths have occurred as yet among the wounded, and a number have already been discharged on furlough.

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