From the Richmond Enquirer, 11/26/1862, p. 2, c. 6

THE CONFEDERATE STABLES are located on the corner of Capitol and 10th streets, and are an "institution." There are horses here belonging to officials in authority, from the President of the Confederacy down to the orderlies of the local military authorities. They number one hundred and four in all, exclusive of horses and mules used for ambulances and miscellaneous services. The Government pays for their feed, and they flourish. The noble steed of General Johnston munches his fat ear of corn alongside the less noble animal of Corporal Twiggs, and the aid-de-camp and the gay lieutenant find here a home and an auction house for the fancy nags that from time to time, they contrive to "raise." We cannot speak too well of the style in which these stables are kept, for under the charge of Mr. George L. Earnest, they have been rendered ne plus ultra, so far as the feeding and treatment of the horses are concerned. He is a proper man for a number one establishment of the kind and we congratulate the generals, corporals, and fast-goers generally, whose horses he has the keeping of, upon the good luck of enjoying his service.

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