From the Richmond Enquirer, 8/27/1862, p. 1, c. 7

HOSPITAL FOR IMPRESSED LABORERS. – One of the most appropriate and, at the same time, well conducted hospitals in the city, is that established by the Bureau of Engineers, for the care of the sick among the negro laborers upon the various batteries of this department.

It is situated upon Cary street, near the corner of 18th, is a spacious and commodious building, and arranged for the accommodation of about one hundred patients. There are between fifteen hundred and two thousand negroes in the department; and though the hospital has been established for five months, strange to say the number of its patients has never exceeded an average of fifty, and the number of deaths has amounted only to seven.

The sanitary condition of this Hospital is excellent. All of the apartments are kept continually clean and in good order, which conduces greatly to the speedy convalescence of the patients, and gives a character to the establishment which many of the hospitals in and about the city would be proud to possess.

The Surgeon in charge is Dr. Waring, of this city; and the Superintendent is M Parker H. Westcott, to whom is due great credit for the admirable condition of the Hospital.

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