From the Richmond Enquirer, 5/28/1862, p. 2, c. 1

Skirmishing near Richmond - Capture of 56 Yankee Prisoners.

For the last two days there has been spirited skirmishing going on near Hanover Court House, some eighteen miles from Richmond. We have learned from a soldier, who was in the two engagements, some particulars which we subjoin.

On Monday, the enemy came out in force near Taliaferro's Mill, burnt the bridge across the Pamunkey, near Capt. Newton's, shot a young man named Hundley, on his mother's farm, and carried him off. - At the same time they destroyed Mrs. Hundley's furniture, ripped open her feather beds, and indulged in other savage-like propensities. This party was principally composed of New York Zouaves. They had one regiment and a squadron of cavalry, with eight pieces of artillery, stationed in Mrs. Hundley's road, along which the Yankees supposed the Confederates would advance On our side we had the Madison Cavalry, the Hanover Sharpshooters, under Lieutenant Sydnor, and one or two other companies. Only one man on our side (Mr. Wm. Collins, of the Madison Cavalry,) was killed in the skirmish. The loss of the enemy is believed to have been much larger Mrs. Hundley's farm lies between Carter's Creek and the Pamunkey river.

On Tuesday, skirmishing again commenced about 11 o'clock, A. M., two miles from Hanover Court House. The Federals had about three regiments in a field. On our side we had the Fourth Virginia Cavalry, under command of Capt. B. H. Robertson, and the Twenty-Eighth North Carolina Regiment, commanded by Captain Branch. The fight lasted about three hours. Our loss was very small. We took fifty-six prisoners, mostly German, from New York - among them, one Captain (Harris) and one Lieutenant.

The prisoners were brought to Richmond last evening. They represent their loss as being very great - one Federal regiment is supposed to have lost 300 in killed and wounded. The Yankees were guided to their position by a citizen of Hanover; whose name our informant could not recollect, but we are pleased to state that shortly after the skirmish terminated, the traitor was captured at Ashland, and brought down to Richmond along with his Yankee comrades. Late yesterday afternoon, the enemy were believed to be advancing with their cavalry, towards Col. Wickham's, this side of Hanover Court House.

The prisoners taken in the fight yesterday say that they have never been in battle before, and that they are raw troops, just from Fortress Monroe. They also state that McClellan has a force of about 56,000.

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