From the Richmond Enquirer, 1/21/1862


IN HONOR OF EX-PRESIDENT TYLER will proceed from the Hall of Congress at 12 o'clock to-morrow, under the direction of Colonel Thomas H. Ellis as Chief Marshal of the day.

It will move forward to St. Paul's Church, where the funeral sermon will be preached by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns, of the Episcopal Church.

After the services in the church shall be concluded, the procession will again move forward to Hollywood Cemetery, where the remains of the deceased will be interred.

The following will be the order of the procession, viz:

1. The military selected for duty on the occasion.

2. The hearse containing the remains of the deceased, attended by the following gentlemen as pallbearers:
J. W. Brockenbrough, Virginia;
Robert Toombs, Georgia;
R. W. Barnwell, South Carolina;
John B. Clark, Missouri;
Thomas B. Munroe, Kentucky;
Jackson Morton, Florida
John M. Morehead, North Carolina;
W. P. Chilton, Alabama;
John Robertson, Senate of Virginia;
James Neeson, Senate of Virginia;
B. B. Douglas, Senate of Virginia;
Thos. M. Isbell, Senate of Virginia;
W. Newton, House Delegates of Virginia
J. T. Anderson, House Delegates of Virginia
And'w Hunter, House Delegates of Virginia
W. T. Jones, House Delegates of Virginia

3. The family of the deceased, and physicians attending upon him in his last illness, and Bishop Johns.

4. The Committee of Arrangements of Congress, and the joint committee of the General Assembly of Virginia.

5. The President of the C. S. A.

6. The Vice President and Cabinet.

7. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

8. The Judges of the Courts of the Confederate States, and of the State of Virginia, and the Attorney General of Virginia.

9. The Congress of the Confederate States, preceded by their Speaker, and attended by their Clerk, Sergeant-at-Arms and other officers.

10. The Senate of Virginia, preceded by their President pro tem, and attended by the Clerk, Sergeant-at-Arms and other officers.

11. The House of Delegates of Virginia, preceded by their Speaker, and attended by their Clerk, Sergeant-at-Arms and other officers.

12. The Clergy of the city, officiating for the Congress and Virginia Legislature.

13. Officers of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States.

14. The Mayor of Richmond and other City authorities.

15. The citizens generally.

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