From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/29/1864, p.1, c 6 and 7

Mayor’s Court. – Very few cases were booked in this Court yesterday morning, and what were, presented nothing of particular interest. The following is a brief mention of them.

Capt. Robt Boyce, charged with unlawfully and cruelly whipping a negro in his employ, was fined $20 for the deed. Boyce is foreman of the blacksmith department at the C S Arsenal works and has under his control a large number of negro laborers. For sometime back quantities of iron and copper have been stolen at different periods from there, and having reason to suspect a negro in his employ, belonging to Jones & Hinter, as the thief, a trap was set to catch him, which proved successful. In order to make the fellow divulge the names of his accomplices and the place where the stolen property was carried, Capt. B gave him the whipping complained of.

Joe, slave of Mrs. Dimmock, charged with stealing two sheets and one jacket from John S. Moore, was ordered to be whipped.

The following cases were continued on account of the absence of witnesses: Booker, slave of Tazewell Perkins, charged with stealing six bags of corn, and Charles and Jim Harris, free negroes, charged with stealing a large quantity of flour from some person unknown.

Lewis, slave of James Ford, arrested without a proper pass, and supposed to be a runaway, was committed till such time as his owner can be communicated with. Robert, slave of James M. Carrold, was also committed upon the same charge.

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