From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/25/1864, p.1, c 5

Arms and Lead from the Battlefields – We noticed at the Central Depot, on Saturday six cars loaded with arms, knapsacks, cartridge boxes, sabres, etc., together with a large lot of pig lead, the spoils of the battlefields of Wilderness and Spotsylvania. The balls are collected on the battlefield by the people living in the vicinity, brought to an established depot, and melted into pigs. In this way they are forwarded to the laboratory here. As lead is at this time in demand, it will be very acceptable. In this lot there is not less than 16,000 lbs. and about eight or nine thousand stand of arms, which, with slight repairs, will be very serviceable. Lt. Louis Simmer, assistant to Chief of Ordnance, has charge of that department. In return for lead and arms, he issues to the people cornmeal and flour. There are many poor families in this neighborhood who have been despoiled by the Yankees of all they have, and this is of great assistance to them, as provisions are more important to them than money. Lt. Z has already collected from those battlefields upwards of 30,000 small arms and 25,000 lbs. of lead, equipment, etc. – This will be to the Government a clear saving of over two millions of dollars. Lt. Z has shown great energy in this branch of the service.

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