From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/20/1864, p.1, c 5

Attempted murder and arrest of the parties implicated. - On the night of the 17th instant Mr. Wallace Dean, while on his way home from this city to his farm in Henrico, was set upon in the neighborhood of “Cash Corner Hill” better known as “Hangman's Hill” about two miles north of the corporate limits, by a band of negroes and white men, who beat him until they thought life was extinct, and afterwards robbed his pocket of everything which they contained. The moon shining very brightly at the time, Mr. Dean was enabled to observe the appearance of some of the assassins and recognized among them several whom he had seen loitering about the suburbs almost every day for the past two months. About two hours after the assault Mr. Dean recovered his consciousness, and finding that the parties who assailed him were no longer present, he preceded to his residence, about two miles distant, where he remained till Monday morning, when he took some steps to have them arrested. A full description of the parties with given to Constable E W Robinson, of Henrico, who immediately set to work to hunt them up, and with the assistance of Constable Wade the following arrests were made yesterday morning: Martin Joial, Thomas O’Bryant, Geo Mendonner, Dick Jordan, James Griffin, Clay Rawlings, John Hanes, Jas Ray, Mark Murphy, Robert Sharp, and Charles Henry – the five last named being free negroes. They were committed to the jail of Henrico county, and have been recognized by Mr. Deane as the fellows who attempted to murder him.

We have been informed by Constable Robinson that there are still going at large some eighteen or twenty more of this gang, and that the organization is a complete one, regularly presided over by a captain, lieutenant, etc., The names and whereabouts of several others have been ascertained, and it is to be hoped it will not be long before the whole band is captured.

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