From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/15/1864, p.1, c. 7

Young Men’s Christian Association. – The monthly meeting of the Association was held on Tuesday evening last, and though not very numerously attended, was yet quite an interesting and agreeable occasion. Amongst other items of general interest brought before the meeting, the President announced the following standing committees for the ensuing year: Library and Rooms – P.C. Nicholas, chairman; Dr W.H. Gwathmey, Phillip F. Howard. Lectures – D.B. Lucas, chairman: J.C. Williams, Bev Wellford, Jr. Publications – George L Bidgood, chairman; W.B. Robins, S.B. Smith. Ways and Means – Wm Willis, Jr., chairman; Jas Maury, Robt Lancaster, Jr. Nominations – J.B. Watkins, chairman: R. H. Meade, Ro E. Richardson, ‘Chas E McClare, Wm H Tyler. Bible Classes – J. M. Stevens, chairman; Wm B Johnson, Roger Martin. Religious Exercises – J D K Sleight, chairman; W B Bigelow, A P Fox. Sunday Schools – Dr J Hall Moore, chairman; Dr George B Steele, C C Calvert. Visiting the Sick – Blackburn Hughes, chairman; Alex McRae, Albert Blair. Statistics – W H Clemmitt, chairman; P J Wright, T C C Drewry.

The Army Committee for the ensuing years consists of the following named gentlemen: Wm P Munford, chairman; J B Watkins, Jas Gordon.

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