From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/16/1864, p.1, c.6

Fruitless Raid on a Faro Bank— Between twelve and one o'clock on Thursday night, policemen Morris, Perrin and Adams, accompanied by a detachment from the night watch, armed with a search warrant according to law, made a raid upon the building numbered “229” on Main Street, near the Spotswood Hotel, believing that the unlawful game known as "faro" was carried on there. Sentine’s were first posted at points commanding every avenue of escape, when Morris and Perrin entered the back way, and finding the first door but slightly fastened, pushed it open and then ascended to the second story. Here they found another door, attached to which on the outside was a bell rope, and in response to a pull at the rope a negro fellow opened the door, where upon they hastily ran from room to room, expecting in each one to find the object of their pursuit in full blast. In this, however, they were disappointed, for not only was there no gaming going on, but after a rigid search they failed even to find a single implement usually used in conducting the business. In one of the apartments visited by the police were a few gentlemen indulging in the fashionable amusement of smoking their pipes. To these they tendered apologies for so unceremoniously invading their privacy as they had done, and then left the premises.

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