From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/29/1864, p.1, c. 6

Incendiary Fires. – Shortly after twelve o’clock Saturday night a fire broke out in the double frame stable, situated on Council Chamber Hill, in the rear of Mr. John M. Daniel’s residence, owned respectively by Mr. Daniel and Captain N. M. Norfleet. The building was entirely consumed, together with a considerable quantity of forage and some few stable implements; but the horses were all saved. Messrs. Daniel’s and Norfleet’s losses will not exceed three thousand dollars.

Between one and two o’clock yesterday morning, while the firemen were still engaged in extinguishing the above fire, another burst forth from Dr. L. R. Warning’s stable, but a few yards distant, in the rear of the Universalist Church, on Mayo street, and before the flames could be arrested the building was burnt to the ground. So sudden and rapid did the devouring elements spread in this instance that two very fine horses, belonging to Dr. Waring, were burnt to death before they could be gotten out of the stable; which, together with two sets of valuable harness and several hundred weight of oats, &c., that were also destroyed, will make his loss between five and six thousand dollars.

Both of these fires were undoubtedly the work of incendiaries, and from their close proximity and the short time which elapsed between the two, it is equally probable that the same party applied the torch to each building.

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