From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/26/1864, p.1, c. 6

Attempting to Kill. – A free negro fellow named Richard Bailey, was arrested yesterday charged with attempting to take the life of Mr. Blankman, surgeon dentist, on Main street. Bailey went into Dr. Blankman’s office for the purpose of having a tooth *** but when the instrument was inserted in his mouth for the purpose of examining the condition of the tooth, the ruffian sprang from the operating chair, and with the remark that he would “not permit any d—d white man to finger his mouth,” he clinched the Doctor by the throat and attempted to strangle him. Being a powerful man himself, Dr. Blankman threw him off and rushed to a corner of the room in which they were to get hold of his cane, whereupon t he negro darged for the door to make his escape, but just at this time a son of the Doctor’s, about fifteen years of age, hearing the difficulty, ran out and prevented him from getting down the steps till his father could come to his assistance, when the two dragged him back into the office, where he was retained till an officer could be sent for. The accused is well known as a negro of desperate character, and has on several occasions, been guilty of violent assaults upon white persons. He will be brought before the Mayor this morning for a hearing.

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