From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/23/1864, p.1, c. 6

Mayor’s Court. – Indisposition of the part of the Mayor prevented him from officiating yesterday morning. Senior Alderman John F. Regnault acted on the occasion and disposed of the following business:

Wilcher A. Morris was charged with stealing $5 in silver, $5.50 in gold, two silver watches valued at $100 each, $200 in Confederate notes, $8 in Virginia bank notes and $10 in United States money, the property of Mrs. Martha J. Tyndall. Morris was remanded for examination before the Hustings Court on the second Monday in September.

Michael Conley, a member of the President’s Guard, was charged with breaking down the fence of William Smith, a free negro, forcibly entering his house and eating up a breakfast without asking permission from the owner to do so. Office Crone, who was sent for to arrest Conley, substantiated the charge. The prisoner was drunk at the time he committed the improprieties alleged against him, and plead that excuse before the Court; but the excuse did not avail him anything and he was thereupon remanded to jail in default of security to keep the peace and be of better behavior.

Z. H. H. Cropper was fined twenty dollars for buying a lot of melons with the intention of selling again at advanced prices. The melons were also confiscated.

The services of the morning were concluded by sending several negroes, who were guilty of various trifling offences, down to the jail to be whipped.

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