From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/19/1864, p.1, c. 6

Mayor’s Court. – The following is a summary of the cases before the Mayor yesterday:

Isaish Myer was charged with stealing a piece of soap, one tine cup, a pocket-handkerchief, and *** in Confederate money, the property of Miss Tate. Myer keeps a small store on Broad street, which Miss Tate visited on Wednesday for the purpose of making some purchases. After she had transacted her business she left the store, but had not proceeded more that five of six steps when she recollected that she had left her pocket-book and the articles enumerated above on the counter. She immediately returned, but the things had disappeared, and Myer, who apparently had not moved from his position, denied knowing what had become of them. Under the circumstances, Miss Tate procured a warrant for his arrest. The Mayor sent the accused on for examination before the Hustings Court, allowing him bail in the meantime for his appearance.

A soldier named William Werth was charged with stealing a horse, valued at $1,500, the property of Vincent Camalier; but in the absence of material witnesses the case was postponed till Saturday and the party committed to jail.

Polly Jacobs was charged with stealing a pocketbook, containing twenty-five dollars in Confederate States notes and six dollars in Yankee greenbacks, the property of a free negro man named Samuel Forsyth. Polly, when called to the stand, made a statement which threw the guilt upon a negro named John, slave to Samuel Forsyth. John was, therefore, ordered to be whipped and Polly discharged.

Jacob Moebus preferred a charge of trespass against Mary, slave of William Allen. Upon a hearing of the case, suspicions were excited that she was a runaway, whereupon the Mayor committed her to jail till such time as her owner can be communicated with.

H. L. Wigand was fined ten dollars for giving his pass to Elizabeth Anderson, a free negro.

Henry Williams was fined twenty dollars for buying melons in the Second Market to sell again and had his purchase confiscated.

Several other fines were imposed upon different parties charged with committing nuisances.

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