From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/17/1864, p.1, c. 7

Trading in Greenbacks. – For the first time since the passage of the law against trading in the currency of the enemy, a case has been brought to the notice of the authorities here. On yesterday N. Olsner and William G. Harwood were examined before Commissioner Sands, the first charged with purchasing from a Yankee deserter one fifty-dollar greenback for three hundred dollars in Confederate money, and the latter with selling two pairs of common shoes to two deserters for twenty-five and thirty-five dollars each in Federal money. The charge in both cases was clearly made out, and they were sent on for further examination before Judge Halyburton. In the instance of Mr. Harwood it was proven that he was ignorant of the law prohibiting dealing in greenbacks; that he was very reluctant to take that kind of money at all and that he only did so because he needed it to send to a relative who was a prisoner at the North. Commissioner Sands therefore put his bail at as low figure as was in his power ($1,000) and expressed his regret that he was not empowered to discharge him altogether. The law, however, admitted of no *** traffic of Federal money, and where a case was made out against a party he was bound to send it on. Olsner was bailed in a higher sum.

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