From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/17/1864, p.1, c. 6

Confederate States District Court. – Judge Halyburton’s Court convened yesterday morning at 12 o’clock, when the following cases occupied the session:

The habeas corpus case of Frederick W. Boyd, who demands an examination upon certain charges alleged against him, or a discharge from imprisonment in Castle Thunder, was called; but for satisfactory reasons was postponed till Thursday.

The habeas corpus cases of E. A. J. Morris, George Arents, and John H. Leftwich, resisting conscription in the Confederate service, was postponed till Saturday.

Dr. A. L. Wiley, charged with treason, was discharged, under a writ of habeas corpus, from confinement in prison. Immediately after his acquittal, Dr. Wiley was arrested upon an affidavit charging him with being a resident of Craige county, Virginia, and that on the 20th of February, which Averill was in that section, he joined him as a pilot, and was recognized several times by citizens from that section conducting the Yankees from place to place; also, that when Averill left there, Wiley went with them, and that his family made every preparation to follow him. He was, therefore, recommitted to Castle Thunder till such time as his case can be examined into.

W. T. Bailey was discharged upon a writ of habeas corpus from the Confederate service, but was remanded to Castle Thunder till the 10th day of September, to answer indictments in five cases pending against him.

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