From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/16/1864, p.1, c. 6

Mayor’s Court. – The cases before the Mayor yesterday were of an uninteresting character, and in none of them was there elicited any testimony worthy of repeating. The following is a summary:

Thomas, slave of Talbott & Brother, was charged with feloniously stealing one gold bracelet, of the value of $100; three gold rings, valued at $50; one silver watch, valued at $200; sever dollars in gold, five dollars in silver, and seven dollars in Confederate notes, the property of Lucy A. Miller. No witnesses appearing, the case was continued.

Charles, slave of Walter Turpin, charged with having in his possession two breast pins and one pair of earrings, all of the value of $200, supposed to be stolen, was remanded for a future hearing.

John Ellis, a free negro, was charged with breaking into the stable of Thomas Ruskell, on Saturday night and stealing one saddle, valued at two hundred dollars, the property of Captain William H. Haywood. The testimony was conclusive against the accused, and he was remanded for examination before the Hustings Court.

Robert, slave of John D. Blair, charged with stealing meal, butter and lard from his master, was ordered to be whipped.

G. Alberta was fined twenty dollars for buying one barrel and a half of apples to sell again. The apples were also confiscated.

Phil, a slave, was charged with stealing two bottles of quinine from the Medical Purveyor’s office and offering the same for sale to Mr. J. P. Duval. – The case was partially examined into and then continued for further evidence.

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