From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/15/1864, p.1, c. 6

List of Confederate Surgeons Received by Flag of Truce. – The following is a complete list of the Confederate surgeons who were confined in Fort Delaware that we received here by the last flag-of-truce boat, which arrived at Aikin’s Landing on Wednesday last:

Surgeons – A. J. Brown, Confederate States Army; J. F. Kisen, Sixth Kentucky cavalry; Edward Miller, Eleventh Kentucky cavalry; E. M. Shepherd, Third Kentucky cavalry; D. P. Ramseur, Fourteenth North Carolina; J. S. Tipton, Confederate States Navy; W. H. Barnes, Seventy-fifth Virginia; J. M. Covert, Fifty-third North Carolina; C. H. Todd, Sixth Louisiana; G. W. Graves, Thirty-eighth Georgia; S. F. Lewis, Sixty-first Alabama.

Assistant Surgeons – C. H. Benter, Second Kentucky rifles; J. C. Edwards, Eleventh Kentucky cavalry; Thomas W. Flagg, Eighth Kentucky cavalry; J. T. Gillespie, Fifth Kentucky cavalry; J. M. Gamble, Fourteenth Louisiana; R. H. Goode, Fourteenth North Carolina cavalry; E. Hodges, Fifty-ninth Virginia; S. T. Holiday, Twenty-seventh Virginia; W. H. Hanna, Second Kentucky cavalry; F. B. Harris, Thirty-fifth Alabama; T. W. Holland, Fourth Kentucky; Louis B. Kay, Fifth Kentucky cavalry; R. B. Lightfoot, First Kentucky rifles; J. A. Millicotto, Tenth Kentucky; M. A. More, Jeffrey’s cavalry; James M. Pointy, Twenty-sixth Maryland infantry; T. M. Potter, Jeffrey’s cavalry; W. O. Reid, Twenty-first North Carolina; C. J. Terrell, Hanover county, Virginia; J. L. Woodford, Tenth Kentucky infantry; W. H. Walker, First Louisiana; J. C. Ward, Confederate States Army; A. M. Woolfork, Second Maryland cavalry; and J. L. Carman, Twenty-fifth Virginia.

Also, R. F. Evans, chaplain Fourth Georgia; L. C. Vass, chaplain Twenty-seventh Virginia; and a boy named Charles Conrad.

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