From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/15/1864, p.1, c. 6

Mayor’s Court, Saturday. – Chess, slave of Mary Cullingsworth, charged with stealing two hogs, valued at two hundred dollars, the property of Fidel New, was found guilty and ordered to receive thirty lashes.

Ned Hudson, a free negro, charged with receiving a piece of bacon, which he knew to have been stolen from Robert F. Kirby, at the second market, proved that there was no foundation for the accusation, but that he purchased the bacon claimed by Kirby from a white man. He was therefore discharged.

Mary, slave of John Brock, was charged with stealing from the wardrobe of Henry Klein a tin box, in which were about ten thousand dollars in coin, bank notes and jewelry; and Sandy, slave of John Brock, was charged with receiving the same. Mary acknowledges the theft and says that she gave the box and contents to Sandy, but Sandy denies knowing anything about it. The case was continued until the 16th instant.

The charge against Ann James and Primus Pleasants, free negroes, of feloniously having and receiving one horse, knowing it to have been stolen, was continued till Tuesday.

Phillip Whitlock, charged with buying watermelons in the market from E. T. Blackburn with the intention of re-selling them at an advanced price, was made to pay a fine of twenty dollars and suffer the confiscation of the melons. Officer Caleb Crone, who reported the case, was directed to dispose of the confiscated property and turn the proceeds over the city auditor.

W. C. Holman was required to pay a fine of ten dollars for permitting his slave, Billy, to go at large.

Catherine, slave of Polly Griffin, arrested as a runaway, was ordered to be returned to her owner.

A continuance was made in the case of John Lewis, free negro, arrested without proper papers, and supposed to be a runaway.

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