From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/12/1864, p.1, c. 6

Serious Charge. – John A. Johnson, a member of Crenshaw battery, was brought to this city yesterday and committed to Castle Thunder on the charge of desertion, forgery, and attempting to kill a man. Johnson was arrested in King George, Virginia, by order of A. C. Grubbs, lieutenant and enrolling officer for that county; and in his written statement, which has been sent to the Provost Marshal, it is charged that the accused deserted during the seven days’ battles around this city, about two years ago; that he succeeded in getting released from prison soon after his incarceration, and remained in Richmond for some time afterwards till he was sent for as a deserter from his company; but that he then eluded arrest and made his way to the Potomac, where he has been for the last seven months engaged in “dealing and transacting business with the enemy.” When arrested by the provost guard, he tried to kill one of them in attempting to make his way to the enemy’s lines. Johnson is a printer by profession and was raised in this city. – He is well known by the craft here, and a great many other citizens.

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