From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/12/1864, p.1, c. 6

Hustings Court of Magistrates. – In this Court, yesterday, t he following cases were disposed of:

Lewis, slave of Lucy Philips, and Reuben, slave of John T. Miller, concerned in conniving at and aiding in the escape of Leslie, slave of Robert H. Davis, were examined, and after hearing the evidence and remarks of counsel, the justices discharged Reuben, but considered Lewis guilty of the offence, and ordered him thirty-nine lashes, and directed that he should then be sold beyond the limits of the Confederacy.

Thomas Walker, a free negro, charged with breaking into the house of Mrs. Mary Harris, on the 29th of June last, and stealing two ladies’ dresses, was discharged.

George Drew, a free negro, charged with stealing four cows from Dr. F. H. Deane, and feloniously receiving the same, knowing them to be stolen, was found guilty of grand larceny, and ordered to be sold into slavery.

Robert Sprigg, a free negro bar-keeper, who was recently ordered by the Mayor to be whipped, and who afterwards took an appeal, failing to appear, the case was dismissed. Sprigg will thereupon have to undergo the punishment ordered by the Mayor.

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