From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/11/1864, p.1, c. 6

Mayor’s Court. – The following embraces a list of cases before the Mayor yesterday
Delsey, slave of John Cary, was charged with having one dress, a bonnet and a lot of fringe, supposed to be stolen, and going at large. The evidence failed to convict him of the offence, and he was thereupon discharged; but Mr. Cary, his owner, was required to pay a fine for permitting him to go at large.

William Kothe, charged with murder of a slave, hired by him, and whose case was partially heard on Monday last, was again brought up before his Honor yesterday. Upon hearing the testimony of Dr. Albert Snead, who attended the deceased, the accused was discharged. Dr. Snead states that the condition of the negro for the past four months was that of a man in the last stages of consumption, and that when he heard of his death it excited no surprise on his part. The bruises which had been alluded to as visible about his head and face were such as he supposed might be produced by falling about, and the boy’s state of health was of that character which rendered it highly probably that he would totter and fall whenever he was moving about.

Robert, slave of George Baby, charged with stealing a small lot of beef from W. K. Sledd’s stall, in the Second Market, yesterday morning, was ordered to be whipped. Fanny Lewis, a free negress, charged with harboring Peter, slave of Neil McCurdy, was also ordered to be punished with stripes.

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