From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/10/1864, p.1, c. 6

To be Held as Hostages. – While Hunter’s Federal forces were hovering around Lynchburg, several weeks since they captured a batch of ten Confederates, who were afterwards placed in special confinement, to be treated as bushwhackers and guerrillas. This necessitated the selection of an equal number of their men to be dealt with in a similar manner, whereupon the following prisoners captured by General Early from Hunter’s army, have been picked out for that purpose and sent to this city for imprisonment: Sergeant F. C. Rhodes, Twentieth Pennsylvania cavalry; William H. Silsbury, company L, First New York cavalry; James Cassiday, company A, Fifth New York cavalry heavy artillery; P. Hossfield, company B, Fifth New Your heavy artillery; Samuel Gudgeon, company A, Second Maryland infantry; Joshua Jones, company G, Twelfth Virginia infantry; M. M. Woods, company B, Twelfth Ohio; J. J. Kirkpatrick, Second Maryland infantry, and A. Vickers, company C, One Hundred and Sixteenth Ohio. These men were very insolent while waiting for their names to be recorded at the office of the Assistant Provost Marshal and tauntingly claimed for “Hunter’s boys,” as they styled themselves, that degree of bravery and stubbornness of spirit which would yet make our authorities quail before them.


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