From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/5/1864, p.1, c3

Another Life of Gen. Thomas J. Jackson. – Professor H. L. Dabney, of Hampden Sidney College, is preparing a life of General Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, the proceeds from the sale of which are to be for the benefit of his family. Professor Dabney was General Jackson’s Adjutant General and Chief of Staff, and was in close companionship with him during the whole of his campaigns, as well as his most intimate friend from his boyhood up to the time of his death; it is, therefore, reasonable to suppose that the work which he is preparing will be of superior merit. The life will be embraced in two volumes, each one of which will be embellished with an accurate photograph of the illustrious hero – the first representing him as a Major in the Virginia service, and the second as a General in the Confederate army. The arrangements for its publication have been entrusted to the well-known publishing house of A. Morris, of this city, and Mr. Charles H. Wynne is to do the printing, which is a sufficient guarantee that the work will be well executed. An edition will also be printed by Messrs. Nesbit & Co., of London, in order that duplicate stereotyped plates may be procured, which cannot be done in the Confederacy. – A large portion of the first volume has already been worked off, and it is thought that in a few weeks the whole will be completed and ready for distribution.

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