From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/2/1864, p.1, c 6

Mayor’s Court. – Yesterday’s proceedings are embraced in the following list
Francis Cravan was charged with maliciously assaulting and beating with an iron bar, with intent to kill, Washington, slave of O. H. Chalkley. Mr. Cravan and Wash as employees at the Danville railroad depot in this city, and on Saturday last information was received by the former that the negro fellow had spoken disrespectfully to his wife. Upon accosting him about it, some dispute ensued, during which Washington made the remark that his (Washington’s) wife was as good as any white man’s, whereupon Cravan picked up an iron bar, with which he chased him out of the shop and around the depot yard, striking him over the head once or twice. In the absence of witnesses the case was adjourned over till Wednesday.

Three boys named John Barton, Thomas Doland and Monteith Regan, were brought before His Honor on the charge of sleeping in the First Markethouse on Sunday night. The accused having been before the Court on several other occasions, suspected with stealing, &c., and it being well known that depredations are of daily occurrence at the market places, the Mayor announced that he strongly suspected they were implicated in some of them. It was also very probable that their object in lodging in the market places was so that they might be on hand ready for early morning operations, and he should therefore held the parties till such time as he could give the matter further consideration.

Samuel Chapel was charged with using threatening and abusive language towards Lucy Minor, and permitting his family to cast stones at her; but the parties for the prosecution not appearing, the case was dismissed.

The witnesses in the case of Robert Delany, charged with stealing from the mail car of the Danville railroad $2,300 in old issue notes and a $2,000 check, not appearing, the matter was postponed till another day.

Henry, a slave, arrested on Saturday night with a counterpane and a pair of socks in his possession, supposed to have been stolen, was ordered to receive ten lashes – Jane, slave of Sarah Swords, charged with receiving the same, was also ordered to be whipped. Similar punishment was inflicted upon Andrew, slave of Lowry Burns, charged with drunkenness in the street and trespassing upon the premises of James Pendleton.

Jerry and Marris, slaves of Andrew McDowell, were charged with stealing two coats from R. M. J. Paynter. Mr. Paynter testified that some months since two cloth coats were stolen from his room, and nothing was known of them till Sunday, when he saw the accused wearing them in the street. When accosted by Mr. P., they informed him that they had purchased them of a Jew woman on Main street; but, upon going to the place which was designated, the proprietress denied all knowledge of the coats, and said she had never seen the boys before. The Mayor ordered them to be whipped; but an appeal was taken by the counsel in the case, and the witnesses were recognized for their appearance before the Hustings Court
Wm. Ferguson, free, and John and Lewis, slaves, were charged with keeping disorderly houses on 14th street. The case was continued.

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