From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/1/1864, p.1, c 5

Mayor’s Court. – The following cases were before the Mayor on Saturday:

John M. Rose, member of the 19th Virginia militia, and Wm. Rose, of the Third Howitzer company, were charged with being idle, dissolute persons, of evil fame and reputation and having no visible means of support. Officer Seal, who effected their arrest stated that he knew them to be just what they were represented to be in the warrant, and one of them was considered as a deserter from his company. The Mayor turned them over to the military authorities for punishment.

John Butcher, a free negro, charged with stealing one pig, valued at $60, from George W. Batkins, was ordered to receive twenty-five lashes.

A charge was referred against Jane and Eliza, slaves of Mr. J. A. Smith, or using abusive and threatening language towards Mrs. Mary Brady’ but on account of the failure of the plaintiff to appear, the case was dismissed.

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