From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/30/1864, p.1, c 6 

Valuable Work. – We acknowledge the receipt from Messrs. Evans & Cogswell, publishers, of Columbia, S. C., of an exceedingly well executed copy of a work entitled “A Manual of Military Surgery. For the use of Surgeons in the Confederate States Army; with explanatory plates of all useful operations. By J. Julian Chisolm, M. D. Professor of Surgery in the Medial College of South Carolina, Surgeon in the C. S. Army, &c.” This is the third time Professor Chisholm’s work has been run through the press, and the present edition has undergone a careful revision and some important improvements. To the medical profession we should think it an invaluable companion, but as proof of the extent to which it is appreciated, it is only necessary to refer to the rapidity with which the several editions have been exhausted.

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