From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/26/1864, p.1, c 5

Taking an Airing. – Miss Dr Walker, the Yankee surgeoncess captured sometime since in Tennessee, was yesterday given an airing on our streets, under escort of that patriarchal looking individual, Capt. John Caphart. She was uniformed in blue cloth pants, frock coat, buttoned up to the chin, a lady’s black fur hat, and a pair of highly polished boots. Small in stature and pale in features, the observer, on passing her, is forcibly reminded of an over worked factory girl, attired in the uniform of a youth who has just discarded the roundabout. As she paraded our streets a goodly concourse of barefooted boys, little negroes, and dogs brought up the rear, highly amused at the free exhibition which was being afforded by permission of Capt. L W Richardson, the commandant at Castle Thunder. Miss Walker has recently been quite sick, and yesterday’s promenade was recommended to facilitate her convalescence.

The ostensible reason which took Miss Walker out yesterday was to lay before Gen Gardner, commanding the Department of Richmond, certain papers, which she expects will secure for her permission to return home by the next flag of truce. She seems anxious to make any concessions which are demanded of her, save that of her title to doctorship and the right to attire herself in men’s apparel. The General promised to consider her application at the earliest possible opportunity.

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